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Domestic Pest Control

ARMOUR uses the latest, eco-friendly treatment mechanisms to help control and eradicate the pest menace.Based on the severity and situation, we employ multi-pronged approach
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Commercial Pest Control

ARMOUR helps control and eradicate pests in a wide range of businesses such as healthcare, hospitality, and food and nutrition.
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Armour Pest Control LLC. Provides sufficient experienced personnel trained in fumigation practices to carry out all necessary operations in a reasonable time and affordable price.
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Termite control

ARMOUR provides effective pre and post-construction anti-termite treatment to create a treated zone around the perimeter and sub-floor of a premise.
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Rodent Control

Cockroach Control

Flies, Mosquitoes & Ants Control

Bird Control



Covid Cleaning Service


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ISPM 15 Certification

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ARMOUR is one of the most reputed pest control companies in Dubai. The company takes pride in saying that it puts customer satisfaction on the top. We continually strive to provide our clients with the best services on time. Choosing us is always an advantage because we provide precise services at the most affordable rates.


ARMOUR is known for its quick and effective services. Our executives arrive at your service within a few hours after contact.


We offer turnkey solutions for all your pest concerns and that too at very affordable prices.


All our services are tailored especially crafted keeping the environmental concerns. Our preventive solutions have minimum impact on the client’s family, life and budget.


We are licensed pest control experts providing outstanding services. All our experts are certified and they receive special professional training to work with all kinds of chemicals.


AMOUR is a name well known in Dubai. We are renowned for providing excellent pest control services that provide guaranteed results.


We are a highly professional company that treats your home as ours. We are extremely punctual and our employees take extreme care not to cause any damage when working.

Organic Products to Maintain Ecologic Balance

One of the secrets behind our growth is our streamlined process of identification and resolution. We strictly abide by the protocols and ensure that we use eco-friendly products for the pest control in Dubai. With the use of eco-friendly products, we aim to bring down the harm caused to the clients as well as the environment. We follow the rules and regulations set by the government of UAE and see to it that we use genuine, environment friendly products that help maintain ecologic balance.

Customisable Services

Having served our clients for several years and after giving them the best pest control in Dubai, we have earned the loyalty of our clients. To keep up with this image, we see to it that our treatment and procedures are customer friendly and can be customised as per their requirement. The wealth of knowledge and experience that we have gained over time allows us to devise the best suited plans according to the type of pests and the level of infestation.

The ample experience that we have gained helps us in devising and catering our services to suit the individual requirements of the client or we also offer packages that keep them covered for a long time.

We are equipped with state of the art equipment and skilled professionals who are well aware of the latest procedures to remove pests safely and in the most humane way possible.

We divide our services as per the requirements of the clients and their spaces.

Domestic Pest Control Dubai – Being the leading pest control service company in Dubai, we understand different pest problems suffered by home owners and design our treatment plan accordingly.

Commercial Pest Control Dubai - At Armour Pest World we understand different pest problems at commercial spaces and we focus on solving the problems at the earliest. We understand how disturbing pests can be at a place of work and we ensure that we clear the infestation without causing a lot of interruption to work.

Apart from these services, we also provide the best termite control in Dubai and we also have good reputation for our fumigation services in Dubai. We maintain highest quality of services and we also provide our customers with services following the international standard of ISMP 15 certificate.

Not just the services for pest control in Dubai, we also participate in programs to spread awareness about pest infestation and the problems caused. Apart from this, we also offer preventative treatments to inhibit infestation.