General Pest Management Program for Homes

ARMOUR uses the latest, eco-friendly treatment mechanisms to help control and eradicate the pest menace.

Based on the severity and situation, we employ multi-pronged approach to help you overcome the pests in your environment.

All of ARMOUR’s pest control treatments are followed up with regular back-up services so the problem does not recur.

We ensure that safe but effective insecticide/pesticides are used at all times to help you

  • Avoid contamination
  • Arrest spreading of diseases
  • Avoid wastage due to infestation

Above all, our solutions help you lead a pest-free, healthy life.


Domestic Pest Control

At Armour Pest World, the best pest control in Dubai, we understand different pest problems suffered by home owners. The pest problems faced by domestic or home owners are quite different from the pest problems faced by commercial and corporate heads. With a clear understanding of the problem areas at residential spaces, we customise our domestic pest control services.

Our domestic pest control services are mainly targeted at residential pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, and termites. We also have our services to handle the problem of flies, but these services are seasonal.

Streamlined Process

We follow a streamlined process which starts with inspection and identification of problem areas. Once it is done we discuss the commercials with the clients and take their inputs. It is during this step that we take inputs from the clients and customise our plan accordingly.

To suit homes better, we offer an uncontrolled pest problem which ensures that the pests stay away from your place and can ward-off problems including salmonella, diarrhoea, dysentery, and stomach infections. Our treatments are aimed at seeing to it that our clients are safe from ailments which may be transmitted by pests.

Our services include control of flying insects, mosquitoes, rodents, snake control, etc.

Hire the best pest control company in Dubai and say goodbye to pests!