General Pest Management Program for Commercial Properties

ARMOUR helps control and eradicate pests in a wide range of businesses such as healthcare, hospitality, and food and nutrition. A pest-free commercial property is tantamount to business competitiveness as pests directly affect customer satisfaction especially in the businesses mentioned above.

ARMOUR uses the latest, eco-friendly pest control mechanisms to help alleviate the pest menace. Our Pests Control services include:

Domestic Pest Control

Clinics, Nursing Homes & Hospitals
Coffee Shops & Restaurants
Hotels & Service Apartments
Luxury boats & Cruz ships
Seaports & Air Ports
Food Processing Plants & Warehouses
Transport Vehicles
Educational Institutions
Constructions Sites
Theme Parks, Resorts & Shopping Malls

All our treatments can be followed up with regular back-up services so the problem does not recur. ARMOUR also recommends simple precautionary steps that your staff can follow to keep your workplace pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest problem at commercial spaces where business operations take place can lead to problems. Pests surrounding your area of business may not only cause an interruption in the operations but it can also give a negative impression to the clients.

With a good understanding of business ethics and pest problems at commercial spaces, our pest control company in Dubai sees to it that out services doesn’t disrupt the on-going work. Our treatment is customised according to the nature of work done at the office. At Armour Pest World we see to it that our work is completed as early as possible so the work at the space is not affected.

As per the regulations of the government, commercial or work spaces in Dubai have to be pest free so the employees are healthy and the quality of work is maintained.

All out commercial pest control services come with a warranty which assures our clients and customers of excellent pest control in Dubai. Our experts and customisable treatments are just a call away so don’t hesitate to call us.

Hire us and say goodbye to pests!