General Pest Management Program for Commercial Properties

ARMOUR helps control and eradicate pests in a wide range of businesses such as healthcare, hospitality, and food and nutrition. A pest-free commercial property is tantamount to business competitiveness as pests directly affect customer satisfaction especially in the businesses mentioned above.

ARMOUR uses the latest, eco-friendly pest control mechanisms to help alleviate the pest menace. Our Pests Control services include:

Domestic Pest Control

Based on the severity and demands of the situation, ARMOUR employs a multi-pronged approach to help you overcome the pest menace in your immediate environment. Our safe and effective pest control treatments help business to:

  • Retain the goodwill of your customers
  • Avoid pest infestation
  • Avoid contamination
  • Arrest spreading of diseases
Clinics, Nursing Homes & Hospitals
Coffee Shops & Restaurants
Hotels & Service Apartments
Luxury boats & Cruz ships
Seaports & Air Ports
Food Processing Plants & Warehouses
Transport Vehicles
Educational Institutions
Constructions Sites
Theme Parks, Resorts & Shopping Malls

All our treatments can be followed up with regular back-up services so the problem does not recur. ARMOUR also recommends simple precautionary steps that your staff can follow to keep your workplace pest-free.