Are the products environment friendly?

Yes, all the products used by ARMOUR are made considering the safety of the environment. We make use of environment-friendly chemicals to deal with your pest problems.

Will the treatment harm my pets?

No, the treatment is totally safe and does no harm to kids and pets. We ensure that we use highly organic products that harm nothing other than pets.

How to ensure that the treatment helps to get rid of a particular infestation?

The experts at ARMOUR are highly skilled. They are specially trained to determine the type of pest and they use appropriate methods and products to eliminate them.

How to choose the best treatment?

Our experts will arrive at your place and examine it to find out the type and size of the infestation.

Do you provide money back guarantee?

Yes, we provide a money back guarantee within 15 days, if there are technical issues and infestation problem.

How often should I get the treatment done?

The treatment term depends on the type of infestation. Some types need monthly treatment, while others need annual treatment. Our experts will be able to guide you on it.

Do you provide services for commercial spaces?

Yes, we provide services for both domestic as well as domestic spaces.