Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are perhaps the most persistent pests challenging even the most effective pest control treatments available.

Cockroach control demands persistent and constant efforts. Accordingly ARMOUR uses a combination of gel baiting and surface spraying treatments for long term and effective cockroach control.

To eliminate cockroaches usually seen in Asia such as American, German and brown-banded, ARMOUR has a wide range of treatments that are odourless and safe for the environment.

Gel baits that are placed at strategic locations obviate the need for extensive spraying and hence reduce contamination.
The gel baits retain their full effectiveness for as long as three months and restrict re-infestation.

Cockroaches are best controlled with a safe and effective knockdown residual insecticide that is used for surface spraying all accessible sensitive and high risk areas in the customer premises. Different insecticides are used rotationally if the situation demands for more effective eradication of cockroaches.

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